Last Quarter of 2021

Last Quarter in 2021

I thought 2020 was rough, but 2021 challenged me even more as within the final quarter, I found myself in the hospital not one or two times; but three times! I have not been to the hospital so frequently since I was born. I never, till now can say that I spent a few nights at each hospital.

My first trip was due to some major abdominal pain. Thankfully, pain is not a regular part of my life. That unforgettable night, I understood why numbing drugs exist. This hospital did an MRI and concluded that I had a stroke along with a UTI.

The second hospital I went to ran an EKG and found that I had a red flag. This hospital was a trip as I was not given a room until later that night, even though I was transmitted by an ambulance earlier that day.

When I asked why they were keeping me in the hallway and not putting me in a room, I was advised rooms were for people who had serious heart issues. Talk about treating someone like a second class citizen… What ever happened to humanity? Drawing my own conclusion, rooms were for vaccinated people.

The third and hopefully last, I fainted on Thanksgiving Day. The hospital ran an EEG (electroencephalogram), MRI, and ultrasound of my heart to conclude that I didn’t show any signs of a stroke or seizure, no new or active lesions from Multiple Sclerosis. Frustrated that I was advised that I had a stroke even though they ran the same test, MRI. Is this Medical Misdiagnosis?

During each of my hospital stays, I met some interesting people. I encountered a few people who truly wanted to help me and took care of me as though I was family.

2022, can I get a break? For some odd reason, you think that I can catch all your curveballs. Once I hop back up, look out! On second thought, we can make a great team and be a force unknown and unseen to mankind. If interested, I have a sneaky suspicion that you know just where and how to find me; whether you are invited or not.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Stacy Alcineus

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