Things I Wish I Knew

  1. Being denied/rejected for life insurance could happen regardless of the fact that I am/was never a drinker or smoker (One of my brothers seem to believe that the root cause of my condition is that I don’t drink). 🤔
  2. After several years of not being on any meds, I reapplied and now I’m approved although I indicated that I still have MS
  3. Nutrition/diet plays a huge role in one’s health
  4. Better understanding of funguses, bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, and parasites
  5. The power of herbs
  6. Too much Protein and/or Calcium can be detrimental even if it is plant-based
  7. Conquering health would cost an arm and a leg
  8. Alternative therapies such as O-Zone Therapy, Chelation Therapy, etc.
  9. Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide
  10. Benefits of coffee enemas as I don’t drink coffee
  11. Haters exist even in your own circle so I don’t look down like Tom MacDonald

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