Younger Days

Me at 5 years
Me at 22 in December 2007
Stacy at 31

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Reasons for weight loss…

  • Stress due to a breakup and trying to get a college degree (25 in 2010)
  • Herbalife (26-27)
  • Paleo (28-29)
  • Veganism (30-35)

Same spirit although my physical body has a mind of its own. I’m now 36 and still trying to understand my mind and body. Since change is inevitable, will it be a lifelong quest?

3 responses to “Younger Days”

  1. It is a lifelong quest. I’m learning to be less invested in the outcome and to be more present for the present. Some days are great. Somedays I think I’ll drive myself crazy with overthinking. I often feel like I’m walking an emotional tightrope but simplifying my life, distilling it more and more down to the things I like and want to do, has helped calm my mind perhaps by bringing a greater focus to gratitude and joy.

    • As I’m trying to move forward, I’ll keep your advice in mind about focusing more on the present! Thanks! #gratitude #joy 😊

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