Update #2

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  1. light duty cleaning
  2. showered by myself twice in one day
  3. better grip on writing utensils which will lead to improvements of my penmanship
  4. interacting more with immediate family
  5. planned and scheduled a mini getaway as I miss traveling
  6. received organic soil for my dad to show me beginners tips and tricks on gardening… because I’ve only worked in an office setting or cubicle since the age of 16, my new personal and professional goal is to work outdoors as a gardener

I feel that I’m being used an instrument of praise. Thank you, Jesus!

Update #1

original post on 06/05/21

At my latest visit to see the doctors and staff for Ozone and UBI Therapy followed by acupuncture, I walked up to the building and to the office door using the walker while my dear cousin followed me with the wheelchair; just in case I was going to fall or needed a break. Neither happened. Once we made it to the office, on the 3rd floor, (I’m thankful for the inventor of elevators), everyone cheered me on as though I was a star in the Olympics. Side-note: Being surrounded by that energy, quitting was not an option! Where have they been all my life? I’m still keeping up with self-care and minor exercises like taking down mosquitoes. 

I’ll be sure to share my experience in hopes that it just may lead to something good to you and the world!

I am soft-spoken by nature. Due to technology, I can be heard all around the globe.

The love and support that I’m receiving is unimaginable.

Hugs and kisses to all.

Thank you!

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