How I Met an Angel and Now I Can Glide

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I’m a living testimony that angels are real and are travelling this Earth. As you may know, I’ve lost my ability to walk and consequently I spend more time on the bed resting or floor crawling to avoid falling.

On Tuesday, (May 4, 2021), I scheduled a consultation with a Chiropractor to share my health obstacles. Now, I just had to figure out how I would get there. My cousin confirmed that she could take me. Once we made it, I realized that I totally forgot the footrests to the wheelchair. In order to move and prevent my feet from dragging, I now was met with the challenge of holding my legs up. My left leg did not need as much assistance as the right leg. Needless to say, I got my workout for that day.

The doctor’s visit was refreshing. Details of that experience will be shared in a book.

It was then time to head back to the car. While my cousin is pushing the wheelchair, I had to make sure my feet did not drag across the ground of the parking lot. Out of nowhere, this woman approached us and offered to donate an electric power chair. Breathtaking! She exchanged contacts with my cousin as using my fingers aren’t a walk in the park either.

Days later, I reached out to her and advised that she was my angel! I now have a scooter and can tell others to “catch up.” I envision myself going more places and doing a lot of things. My future just got brighter.

All I can say is Thank You to both my angel and her brother for making this a reality for me!

5 responses to “How I Met an Angel and Now I Can Glide”

  1. I want the world and especially Stacy to know that I’m not Angel for giving her a chair to “glide”. God put her in my life for a reason and I’m incredibly thankful and honored to know her. All my love, Cindi

  2. What a beautiful, heartwarming story!!! I’m so glad you now have an electric chair, and two thumbs up 👍👍 to that beautiful person who gave you so much that day! It restores a bit of my faith in humanity!

  3. I was in the car talking with my cousin, Cindi, that incredible day. As you know, it belonged to our Uncle Tom and we were wanting to do something good with the wheelchair as it was his “legs” also. We were in the right place at the right time. God put a plan into place and it was carried out.
    I was also at the house when your sister and father picked it up. As they loaded it into the van you rolled the car window down and shouted “thank you!” The huge smile of gratitude on your beautiful face will stay with me always. I, too, am disabled and know how difficult daily things are. It can be so disheartening as everyone passes you by while you struggle to keep going. May you “glide” past others and know that one struggle is over. Use the wheelchair in good health with our uncle, Tom Barnwell, in your heart. God bless, Donna Barnwell. ❤🙏

    • Hello Donna! Waking up to your comment was a great way to start the day. I am abundantly honored to Tom Barnwell and the family. I want to be used by God as an instrument in any way, shape, or form. Gliding with stride should be my motto.

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