I Can Stand

One of my greatest challenges in life is no longer trying to conquer the world; but to stand with my back straight and head held high! I took for granted the concept of posture. My older sister spent many hours, if not days, coaching me during my adolescent years upon her arrival from Haiti. Later, those very skills came to me both naturally and instantly as my steps were taken with great pride and joy going from Point A to Point B using Tom and Jerry. If you were to ask me, The Flintstones met their competitor.

I am now working with a Physical and an Occupational Therapist who believes in ‘Little ol Me.’ The first time my OT asked me to stand while holding on to the back of the couch, she timed it. I got weak and needed to sit. She said that I stood for a second. Tears began rolling down my face because I knew that I had deteriorated but not by that much. During my most recent visit, I stood for 40 seconds! Progress never tasted so great. It’s accomplishments like that which employers should seek out for on a resume and/or cover letter.

I’m grateful to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and their team for helping me turn my dreams into reality. The amount of support and encouragement I’m receiving blows my mind away! The days of falling and crawling hopefully will come to an end. I’ve been told that I fall with grace and class.

Being vegan was good but not great for me. I dedicated 5 years to veganism. Now, I am on a new path or should I say ‘back to my roots’ still consuming a great amount of fruits and vegetables.

Stay tuned for more… In the meantime, enjoy these inspirational videos.

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